Prep Division Rules

Playoff Rules

  1. The Championships shall be conducted in accordance with the playing rules of USA Hockey and the rules set forth in the MAHA Annual Guidebook, except as modified herein.
  2. All teams should arrive with two sets of jerseys, if possible. The Home team will wear lighter colored jerseys; the Visiting team will wear darker colored jerseys. The Tournament Director shall resolve any jersey color problems. Goalies must wear the same color jersey as the rest of the team, unless extenuating circumstances exist.
  3. The National Anthem shall be played prior to the championship game. Players will shake hands after all games. On-ice awards ceremony immediately following the championship games.
  4. No more than four staff members are permitted on the bench. Only persons listed on the team’s valid USA Hockey roster form are permitted on the bench. If team personnel assist on a penalty bench, they are off-ice officials and are not permitted to coach or engage the on--ice officials in any conversations, except those that are pertinent to their duties.
  5. Referees will be selected by the local Referee--in--Chief and the Tournament Director. A two--referee system shall be used for all games.
  6. All games shall consist of three stop--time periods of 15 minutes in length. Ice cuts will be made after 2nd period and at conclusion of the game.
  7. Round robin games will result in overtime.
  8. If, at the end of a game, a tie score exists, the teams shall be given a two minute rest. Teams will switch ends and play a sudden death overtime period of 5 minutes with each team skating four (4) on four (4). If at the end of the overtime period a tie still exists, the teams shall be given another two minute rest. A three (3) man shoot out will take place. The team listed as Home on the scoresheet will decide who shoots first. If after the first three (3) shooters, the game is still tied, each team will select one (1) shooter to attempt to score. If a tie is still present, this will continue until a winner, with each team having an equal number of chances. A player may not shoot twice until the entire team roster has been exhausted. At no time will a team have less than three (3) players on the ice. This may require an additional skater being added if a penalty occurs. As an example, in overtime if a team is penalized such that a two-man advantage is called for, then the offending team will remain with three (3) skaters while the non--offending team will be permitted a fifth (5) skater on the ice. At the first stoppage of play after the two-man advantage is no longer in effect, the numerical strength of the teams will revert back to either four (4) skaters on four (4) skaters, three (3) skaters on three (3) skaters, or a four (4) skaters on three (3) skaters situation, as appropriate. If a team is penalized in overtime, teams play four (4) skaters against three (3) skaters.
  9. For games that are prolonged into overtime, the Tournament Director may direct that the ice be resurfaced at their discretion.
  10. One time out per team, one minute in duration, will be allowed during all games, in all divisions. The timeouts are not cumulative.
  11. If a team forfeits any of its games, the team forfeits all games in the round robin play and the games are recorded as 1-0 victories for the winning team. 12. Protests on all matters (other than the referees’ judgment), must be filed with the Tournament Director or their representatives in writing, no later than one hour after completion of the game in question. Written protests must contain all the facts and must be accompanied by a protest fee of $50.00 (payable to ADRAY), which will be returned only if the protest is upheld. Tournament officials must be notified at the time of the protest so it may be announced publicly. The Discipline Committee will hear appeals and will announce its decision prior to the next scheduled game of the affected teams.