2019-2020 Season

-Minutes per game – Squirt 12 min. periods, Peewees and Bantams 15 Min. periods
-League games: Start October 26 thru January 26thh
-Play-offs TBA
-Dates where 2 games will be played against the same team the same day; both games will be counted as the league games.
-No League game may start before 9am nor start after 5pm
-Running clock: a 6 goal difference in the 3rd period will result in a running clock
-Situations where a team refuses to play another or teams do not show up for a scheduled game than the association failing to play the game will be responsible for the cost of ice and game officials. The game will be counted as a “Non Contest Forfeit” with points awarded to the appropriate team.
-One team from each age level will be invited to the ADRAY State Finals will be held Alpena on March 13-15, 2020. This tournament is free and they will be competing against the winners from the West and Metro conferences in a 4 team round robin.
- scheduling date October 3, 6:30pm Gaylord Ice Arena
Updated 6/6/19