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Article 4 - Standing Committees

Standing committees shall consist of : Executive Committee, Scholar Committee, Conduct Committee and the Audit Committee.


Shall consist of the President and all other members of the Executive Board of Directors. This committee shall have full power under the direction, of the ADRAY Foundation to conduct all business and make necessary rulings in the daily operation of the ADRAY Hockey League.


This committee is chaired by the past president and shall include at least two other members of the executive committee. It shall be the duty of the Conduct Committee to hear and make all decisions on all matters of conduct and protest filed to the ADRAY Hockey League.


Chairman of this committee shall be appointed by the ADRAY Board of Directors and shall develop Scholarship Form, collect applications, review and recommend to the ADRAY Foundation. The ADRAY Foundation will make the final awards.


The Audit committee shall audit the Leagues finincial records annually and report to the Board of Directors.


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