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Article 2 - Board of Directors

Section I. POWERS:

The Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the Board, shall have and exercise all the usual powers of directors of a business and Corporation as well as the immediate government and direction of the property and affairs of the Corporation. The Board shall make all rules and regulation, which they deem necessary for the government of the Corporation and for the due and orderly conduct of the Charter and By-Laws of the Corporation.


The number of delegates shall be that as the number of member hockey associations and shall be comprised of the delegates of the member hockey associations who have been duly appointed or elected as the representatives of the respective member hockey associations to this Corporation and shall hold office for the term designated by the respective member association.


The Board shall meet during the month of April each year for their Annual Meeting at which they shall elect officers for the ensuing year. The President may call other meetings as deemed necessary. At all meetings of the Board, a quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of at least one-half of the existing members. Business shall be transacted by a majority vote of all Board members present, provided a quorum is present. Any action so taken shall be deemed the action of the full Board. Other meeting dates to conduct business will be : July, September & February

Section IV. NOTICE:

At least ten days written notice shall be given all members of the Board of annual meeting and at least five days notice shall be given of all other meetings of the Board. The last known address of a Board member in the absence of written notice to the contrary shall be the address appearing in the current Yearbook.


No board Members or delegates shall receive any salary or compensation for services as a Director unless otherwise especially approved by the Board. Directors shall be reimbursed for verified expenses submitted to and approved by the Board.


The Board may employ staff or contract for services as it deems necessary, The Board shall set duties, responsibilities, qualifications, consideration, and compensation. Paid staff may be requested to attend meetings and/or report to the Board; at such meetings he shall have voice but no vote in the proceedings which may come before the Board.


The operation and conduct of the Corporation shall be financed by regular membership fees and dues, voluntary contributions, and incidental receipts. All membership fees and dues shall be on a team basis and in an amount and payable as the Board from time to time shall determine.


The Board shall cause liability or other insurance to be procured as deemed necessary or as required by law and shall be paid on and annual basis in such amounts and to such firms as the Board may determine.


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