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Metro Playing Rules

Regular Season

This will consist of 10 games in which each team will have 5 home games and 5 away games. It is suggested that
you should book the games with the largest amount of travel time first. This will allow you flexibility on these games
to accommodate a more comfortable game time for those that are visiting your rink. Keep in mind that game time
should try to be between 6pm – 8pm on a weekday and between 9am – 9pm on the weekend.
*Home Team Dark Jerseys
*All schedules are randomly set by the web site
*Conference regular season champions will be determined during these games.
*Mandatory 1.5 hour ice sheets for Pee Wee and Bantam games with exceptions to be granted based upon business reasons from
certain rinks.
All of these games should be completed by 12/8/12

Post Season

The teams will be broken into Championship brackets with each team guaranteed seven post season games. These
Championship brackets will be determined by winning percentage based on the following criteria.
1. Head to Head
2. Winning Percentage
3. Goals Against
4. Goal Differential
Semi Finals:
We will be re-seeding the playoffs after the Post Season based upon the results of these games for the
Home Team: The home teams will be identified in the game chart.
Game Time Frames: Mite’s & Squirt’s-The length of periods will be 10 minute stop time.
Pee Wee’s & Bantam’s -The length of periods will be 12 minute stop time.
All Semifinal Game Sheets: Mite’s & Squirt’s-1 hr. and 15 min.
Pee Wee’s & Bantam’s: 1 hr. and 30 min.

Championship/Semi Final Tie Breaker System

Tie Procedure:
1. (5) Minute sudden death overtime period will be played provided there is more than (8) minutes left on the curfew clock. The teams will not change ends.
2. A Shootout consisting of (5) players identified before the start of the game from each team alternately taking penalty shots. A coin toss will determine which team will shoot first. If after these (5) players from both teams have completed the tie has not been broken. Each team will select different players that have not already shot to continue in a "sudden death" mode. The game cannot end until each team has taken the same number of shots and the time has run out.
3. A coin toss
All Round Games Due Date 2/27/13


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